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Content Writing

Gaming Blogs & Reviews

Death Stranding

First impressions about the achievements and failures in Hideo Kojima's latest game: Death Stranding.

Hello Darkness:
A Flood of Emotions

How the presentation of the Flood in the original Halo instilled horror, thrills, and intrigue in a way that was never again achieved.

Gifted Games That Made Lasting Memories

We've all played something just because it was free. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised though. 

Band of Bloggers  (Impact) - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The spark that drove me to pursue game design and creative writing.

Thoughts on Quantum Break: The Shortcomings of Combat 

An opinion article about how the combat systems crippled a game with a deep and interesting narrative. 

An Admission by a Narrative Writer on Game Design

A look at why game design must be prioritized over narrative, even in a narrative-centric game.

Destructoid Blogs

Feature Articles

Tattoo Culture Revised: The Rise of Female Enthusiasm

How attitudes towards individuals with tattoos have changed over the past several decades and why it needed to change. 

Tapio Wirkkala: Drink to Style

One of the greatest glass blowers in Finnish history, and an icon of the Finnish Modernism design movement in the 20th century. 

It's Alive! The Creation of Youtube

A personal essay that examines the history of Youtube and its rise to mainstream media.  

Feature Articles

Gaming & Tech Reporting

Buying the Future:
Your Guide for Next-Generation Gaming Desktop Hardware

A detailed analysis of next-generation hardware specifications, release windows, and buying recommendations.

343 Has a Massive Upcoming Playtest for Halo: Reach PC

A news update on the upcoming release of a play-test for Halo: Reach and all the information the audience needs to get in on the action.  

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Beyond a Steel Sky Introduces Its Story in This New Trailer

The highly anticipated sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky gets a new trailer that shows off  more of Union City and some familiar faces. 

Killing Floor 2: Yuletide Horror Update is Live

A quick, fun recap about a seasonal content update, plus basic information for those unfamiliar with the game. 

Don't Buy a High-End PC in 2019!

A look at where the pc hardware industry is currently, where it's going, and how to get the most value for performance when buying a new gaming rig.

The Significance of Quixel's Acquisition by Epic Games


Another step towards Epic Games' sweeping vision to change the gaming industry.

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