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UE4 Levels

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UE4 Levels

Information Design, Branding, & Content Management

Portfolio Website Redesign

How the portfolio evolved from a limited template to a completely custom UX (user experience) design that matched my vision.

Disciples of Gaming Community Manager

A showcase of the skills & experience I learned and the achievements I earned as a leader for a gaming community. 

Social Media Manager:
The Fresh Runners

The project goal was to create a brand and grow its following using social media manager (SMM) software, branding practices, SEO, and ethical/legal image sourcing.

Twitch Live Content Channel 

Brand design, graphic design, quality control, and channel vision (long term goals). 

Information Design & Branding

Pitches/Concept Design

Pokemon GO Gym System Redesign
(2018 Version)

Part 1 of a series of redesign pitches for the popular mobile game. 

Concept Design
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