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Short Stories & Lore

Short Stories & Lore

Trade Secrets of the Golden Governor

An accounting of trade policy, smuggling, and corruption by a hero turned fugitive. 

Every Day is a Dream

Living life with advanced Alzheimer's.

Fresh to Death

Aaron wanted to be a personal stylist for Hollywood actors, but his first gig out of barber school ended up being a little different.

Halloween Horror Stories

A short collection of stories inspired by Halloween that are dark and creepy. Each story is exactly 50 words.

Early Retirement

Old Captain Avery bought a pardon from the local governor for the freedom to settle down, but his new quiet life has left him bored to death.

Tricks, Trinkets, and Tails

An ambitious fur trader from Skyrim seeks to make a fortune in Elsweyr. 

Sentence of Death

A novel length science-fiction story about a young man and a soldier that fight to end a galactic civil war only to see a far greater evil arise from the ashes of the conflict. 

The Vigilant Indigent 

He was invisible to most, but he saw everything, because he was distracted by nothing. 

Interactive Stories

The Discovery of Cosmittium

Agents of the Galactic Council investigate the wild rumor of an undocumented and advanced civilization expanding in an abandoned sector of the galaxy. 

Quest for Unspecified RPG

A scripted quest with dialogue options for players and branching discussions that lead to divergent endings. 

Interactive Stories

Character Documentation

Coming Soon

Character Profiles

Scripts & Frameworks

Onus of a Son

A good father knows that every boy must eventually become a man. Young Belrand is ready...

Age of Vikings

A young man quickly learns that the world can be just as terrible as it is wondrous

Scripts & Wireframes

Names, Items, & Descriptive Writing

Heroes of Light: Exotic Sci-Fi Weapons & Armors (Including Descriptions)

A list of themed weapons with witty names and descriptions. Based on a popular series.

Information Journals & Lore Excerpts


Naming Methodologies

My approach to creating unique and memorable names, places, and items. 

Warzone Weaponry: Unique Guns and Mechanics

A list of weapons with lore appropriate names and exciting mechanics. Based on a popular series.

Names & Descriptive Writing
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