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Warzone Weaponry: Unique Weapons & Mechanics

This is a sample of new weapon names and weapon mechanics that could be included in the Warzone playlist of the _______ video game series. I have not included the franchise name for copyright reasons. All rights are reserved by that franchise. This list is only a demonstration of my creative and iterative abilities. I only claim credit for the custom names and descriptions that are italicized. Refer to the process notes for more information about the creation of this piece.

New Warzone Weapon Variants


Rocket Launcher

  • Scrapjager: Armor piercing warheads. Less splash damage, but direct hits deal 2x normal damage.

Sniper Rifle

  • Bloodshot: EMP rounds prevent enemy shields from recharging for 10 seconds after being hit, and take longer to reach their full charge and normalize.

  • Enigma: Highlights targets through light walls, vehicles, smoke, and other obscuring effects.

Spartan Laser

  • Rush Delivery: Laser sight marks and calls in random ordnance weapon drop-pod.


  • Breakout T90i-01: The ______ shotgun. Less point-blank damage, substantially more range.


  • Silver Comet: Projectiles can pass through multiple enemies or vehicles. Projectiles can also penetrate light cover and walls.

  • Bullet Train

Grenade Launcher

  • Flamelicker: Fires an incendiary grenade with large-radius splash damage that continues to burn whatever it contacts for 5 seconds.

  • Caretaker: Fires a flashbang grenade that disorients opponents within its effective radius.

  • Tip of the Spear: Allows the wielder the ability to carry up to 3 grenades of each type. Player spawns with a full complement of grenades.


  • Double Dealer: No delay between shots. Double tap to fire both rockets if needed.


  • The Proscription: Comes equipped with a rapid-deploy tripod that reduces bullet-spread when ADS is engaged and the player is not moving. Must use cover or crouch with ADS to engage the tripod. Extended Magazine.

  • Buzzsaw

  • Feeding Frenzy

Hydra Launcher

  • Web-weaver: Rapid-fires the entire magazine. Projectiles track the target, but follow a wild spiraling trajectory that leaves behind voluminous smoke contrails. Perfect for leading an open assault on an enemy location.


Fuel Rod Cannon

  • Stormseeker: Tripled range and strong tracking against airborne vehicles/targets. Projectiles behave like the anti-air Wraith’s projectiles.

Plasma Pistol

  • Opulence: Charged shot restores the target's shield. Can be fired at feet for self recharge. Can be used to recharge a partially depleted overshield.

Gravity Hammer

  • Veil of the Banished: (Charged ability) Grants active camouflage to nearby allies while draining the weapon’s charge (depressing primary fire). Charge drains faster for each ally granted camouflage.

  • Spite of Rukt: Gravity hammer unleashes a massive propulsive wave of energy in front of the user that knocks away everything in its path. Less deadly than _____________, but has a much wider area of effect and range. Can be combined with ground pound for a 360 degree effect.

Energy Sword

  • Gore Tongue: Killing an enemy offers a temporary damage boost. Red Brute energy blade.

  • Abandonment of Faith: Killing enemies offers 1 second of invulnerability.

Beam Rifle

  • Locus of the Silent Shadow: Firing the weapon grants 5 seconds of active camouflage. Shots use 3% more energy.

  • Diminution of Virtue (Legendary): Cancels any powerup effect on the target until the target’s shields fully recharge.

Storm Rifle

  • Meltdown: Reverse damage fall-off. Projectiles are far more deadly at range.

Brute Plasma Rifle

  • Barbarian Funeral (Legendary): Increased movement speed, damage reduction, and melee attacks stun opponents.

Brute shot

  • Primeval Herald: Increased rate of fire and greater magazine capacity.


  • Emerald Curtain: Hardened projectiles that cause “Spiker” damage as well as needle supercombines. Substantially more damage from individual projectiles now.

  • Radiata’s Spine: Melees deplete the magazine (the target is filled with needles) and trigger a supercombine on a target.


  • Bloodletter: Projectiles cause a bleeding effect that continues to damage the target after initial damage. The effect compounds with each additional hit.

Plasma Castor

  • Heretic’s Visage: Charged shots produce a projectile with a flare effect that lasts for 5 seconds after being fired. Charged shot then explodes.

Covenant Carbine Rifle

  • Last Bastion: Engaging ADS generates a small frontal shield for the wielder (legs are still exposed unless crouched). Weapon shield instantly recharges every 10 seconds.

Focus Rifle

  • Magna Gamma: The weapon does not overheat.

  • Guiding Light: Damage increases the longer the beam is sustained, until overheat. The weapon releases a final powerful burst upon reaching critical temperatures.

Plasma Turret

  • Avarice Maw: Inflicting damage with the weapon charges the wielder’s shields. Overshields can also be stacked. Give and take mechanic.

  • Tempest Serenade: Increased damage and shields, explosive rounds.

Hunter Turret

  • Behemoth’s Gaze: Fires a massive burst of undirected plasma. Burst flamethrower. Extremely effective against vehicles. Vaporizes shields. Deadly to unshielded targets.


Light Rifle

  • Beggar of Knowledge: Projectiles disrupt the target’s HUD.

  • The Architect: Normal projectiles do 25% more damage against shields. ADS projectiles have a 25% chance to EMP vehicles.

Sentinel Beam

  • Containment Imperative: The weapon must spool up before firing, but unleashes a more deadly, blue beam.

  • Mandator Incarnate (Mythic): The weapon must spool up before firing, then discharges a devastating white beam with a blinding glare. The weapon uses experimental tech, and lacks drift control. Extremely powerful, but makes the wielder a clear target.

Binary Rifle

  • Revocation of Ascendancy: The laser sight is only visible to the wielder. ______ Binary Rifle (single shot instant-kills). Single projectile capacity magazine. Enables stealth targeting and efficient eliminations.

  • Pax Preambulus: Successful kills flash-vaporize enemies. Flash-vaporization blinds nearby targets.

Incineration Cannon

  • Biomassacre: Damage from this weapon bypass shields. Good for defeating defenders with overshields.

  • Rite of Passage: Charged shots (explode, then) create an expansive fractal distortion field. Visual anomaly. Safe for players to pass through, but distorts their image. Makes targeting those inside the field difficult. Useful for countering snipers or sharpshooters.

Splinter Turret

  • Hoplite Doctrine (Ultra-rare): A standard splinter turret with the addition of a full frontal-assault shield that allows the player to push enemy positions.

  • Terra Summatus (Legendary): Fires (10 second duration) splinter grenades instead of standard projectiles. Players can wield this weapon as a rapid-fire area denial tool.


  • Didact’s Curse: Charged shot behaves like a high-spread shotgun.


  • Reverent Coaction: Melee kills initiate shield recharge.

  • Mantle Antiquity: Greatly reduces incoming damage from non-Forerunner weapons.


  • Intruder Protocol: Damaging a target highlights (the target) for nearby allies. Allies with homing weapons instantly acquire a lock on.

  • Reciprocity: Does more damage when the player has a second forerunner weapon equipped.


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